Marbles Photography: Blog en-us (C) Marbles Photography [email protected] (Marbles Photography) Sun, 31 Dec 2023 06:38:00 GMT Sun, 31 Dec 2023 06:38:00 GMT Marbles Photography: Blog 80 120 Newcastle Waterfront A daughter heading to live in new places has taken me to Newcastle for the first time. Connecting with an old school friend with a shared passion for photography led to a morning out in the city. The Waterfront on a Sunday morning is a bustling place but a grey September day didn't help to bring out the best in the many bridges and architecture. Here are some of the best shots. Also available in my personal gallery if you want to view them in full size without the commentary.

I like this as a picture that promises what is to come with the arches, domes and curves coming into view.


Some classic shots of the multiple bridges. Tried to capture the flatness of the sky in post processing, without the ND filter that my friend Phil had - so much better to do it camera though.


The colours in the buildings and market were really important to me. The bridges appear like ends of rainbows where the city comes to life.


This is probably my favourite of the day. The Sage Building defies the weather and appears in brilliant contrast to the museum next door and the delicate arch of the Millenium Bridge, which for once is not the centre of attention.


Just didn't quite get the horizon right on this one so had to lose slightly too much at the top when straightening - never crop too much in the frame!


Playing a bit now with the latest masks in Lightroom. So easy to select the background function to select everything except the central window (which it thinks is a person) so I can then apply the b&w filter. If I was taking this further I'd straighten the vertical too.

Always been a fan of the square print since experimenting with old camera apps on an iPhone in 2010. Shame Instagram lost that format. Makes you think so much harder about the composition. I can't decide if the original or square format works better for this one. Or the different black and white treatments of this old pier below the High Level Bridge.



The curves inside the Sage Building connecting with the road bridge give an interesting perspective.

New York or Newcastle?


A couple of miscellaneous shots I liked from the day.

The heavens didn't open but luckily the bridge did. A difficult shot to line up with so much distracting in the foreground and water, The sky contrasts well with the clean lines of the bridge.

Finally a couple of shots that bring us back to the weather through some candid images.


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Passing time Took the opportunity of my mother's 84th birthday to capture a few portraits of both mum and dad. Here's one of the basic images.

The setting of the library at mum's care home was a little distracting in terms of colour from the books. Black and white is therefore best and the image really benefits from that simple change. I also wanted a more modern feel - it's very tempting to add sepia tones to this sort of image. Instead I've gone for a cool toned image and pushed the contrast a little as I think it doesn't make sense to remove the feeling of age from their faces.

I like it because it's not what you regularly see from this type of image. Here's another with similar treatment.

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Memories While poking around on my Vimeo account and adding some new videos for my other job I came across this video story from 2011. I've not forgotten the patience shown by my family over the 2 or 3 days I spent compiling these shots of the house we were renting in northern New Zealand. It poured with rain (as it often does) so I took the opportunity to photograph the detail of the architecture and furnishings. A calming 5 minute photo story in a beautiful setting.

Totara Lodge - Old World meets New from David Naylor on Vimeo.

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Dom Wyer-Roberts remembered by Oundle RFC Thanks to @OundleRFC vets and the supporters who turned out for the memorial match for Dom Wyer-Roberts on Saturday. Here are the photos I took of the game. Well done to Oundle on a victory to make Dom proud. I sure he was urging you on. There are more match photos here.



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18-50 birthdays - only just less extreme than the 18-30 holidays Jane and her son Marcus shared their big birthdays last weekend and thanks to the Thorpe-Codman usual excellent arrangements a fab fun night was had by all. Started off with the formal shots as people arrived - but some just won't put down those drinks! Managed a few more fun shots along the way before the games started and it got a little messy - and that was just the 50+ year olds!

This was a simple portable studio set up which worked well in the party atmosphere, although the lights were a little too close to the bar for my comfort as it got very busy. Using the laptop was essential as everyone wants to see the shots as they are captured. View the full gallery here.

Jane and Aggie - coming soon to a TV near you

Everyone a winner! A day at the races - in theory!


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Icons of London Despite the amount of time I spent in London, walking around the Southbank area is something I don't do enough. Last week I had that opportunity and these images were the result. Playing with tilt shift but not too much. Catching St Paul's in the moment the clouds parted. Fabulous.

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Disarray at Thurning Feast Sounds like summer fete gone mad. Thurning is a small village close to where I live. It's been holding it summer feast on 25th July for many years - and this was the first time I'd heard of it. Judging by the crowd from my local village I wasn't the only one. Having said that, Disarray's lead singer, Dave, is a friend and fellow cyclist who asked for a few pictures of the band performing. I think he'd been spreading the word and it worked - plenty of support!

It wasn't the easiest of shoots. Dark, on a stage with very little lighting and a bass player, Cameron, who did enjoy moving around while staying firmly in the shadows. Struggled to get sharp images of him even shooting at ISO 12,800! You can certainly see the grain which clearly adds to the atmosphere. Being a chicken shack with little rear access, I wasn't able to get a clear crowd shot - which was disappointing. Anyway, see what you think. Here's a short slideshow of the images.

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Fire and flames Here's an image I've been looking at for a while. I was creating some A2 canvas prints for a client and this one didn't quite have the right colour scheme - before or after adjustment. I just love the fire like qualities of this - the glowing purple heart of the fire and the beautiful pink and white petals that appear to lick the branches like rising shafts of flame. I left some blue in the image to intensify the purple flowers and this has left some blue in the sky. I think it works well, providing a frame to the image across the top. The image was taken in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens on the South Island of New Zealand.

Fire and flame flowersFire_Flowers

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Welcome Hello and welcome to the Marblog. It has taken a long time (and I mean years!) to get to this point. So what is 'this point'? The launch of a new website to showcase a passion for creating images? The culmination of years of image taking from which a selection of images see the light of day and others can enjoy? The switch from casual photographic jobs to a serious effort to build a successful business? Well, all of those things I guess. If you like what you see here, please tell others and remember Marbles when you need a professional, no nonsense team to create great photos for you.

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